Equip Conference (formerly 'YLC') began in 2004 as a ministry shared among a number of evangelical churches in Christchurch. Today, Equip is run by a team representing churches from across the country, and across different denominations. All of us believe the Bible is God’s living and active word to us - through which the Creator of the universe speaks into our lives, transforming us by the power of His Spirit and calling us to trust the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

The Equip Conference runs under the oversight of the Gospel Training Trust (GTT), a venture to encourage ministry in New Zealand that focuses on the Bible as God's living word for today. 


  • Tim Capill (chair) - Tim is an Assistant Minister at Christchurch St John's Anglican Church, where he oversees the 7pm service and young adults ministry. He is married to Melody and they have three children.

  • Dave Giesbers - Dave has the great privilege of serving with Multiply - a church planting network for NZ, and Lifewords. He is married to Rachael and they have two boys.

  • David Thompson -  David is assistant minister at St Saviour's & St Nicholas Anglican Church in Christchurch, and loves seeing people of all ages grow in their knowledge and love for Jesus Christ. He is also involved in running Snow Venture camps, another initiative under the oversight of GTT. He is married to Maria, a Kiwi, and they have two sons.

  • Jaimee Behan - Jaimee is a mum to three children, and serves alongside her husband Jay at St Stephen's Anglican Church in Christchurch.

  • Mark Santich - Mark is the Canterbury Team Leader for TSCF NZ, and also serves as a Trustee on the Gospel Training Trust. He is married to Renée and together they have four children.

  • Neill Dunbar - Neill has been a member of St. Stephen's Anglican church in Christchurch for 37 years and finds great joy in serving the young people of the church and seeing them grow in their love of Jesus. Neill is married to Rebekah and they have two wonderfully adorable (yet slightly crazy) sons and a gorgeous daughter.

  • Renée Santich - Renée is a staff worker at TSCF Canterbury, and a member of St Johns Latimer Square in Christchurch. She is married to Mark and they have four teenage children.

  • Sam Cutforth - Sam is Assistant Pastor at Howick Baptist Church in Auckland, and first got a taste of ministry by using the skills he learned at Equip in his bible study group. He is married to Anna.

  • Scott MackayScott serves as assistant pastor at Cornerstone Church in Christchurch. He is married to Jess and they have three daughters.