Equip Conference: Christ our Wisdom


We gather each morning and evening to sing praises to our great God and to hear his word taught. In small groups we learn how to prepare and write Bible studies, and receive encouragement and feedback from experienced leaders. We also spend time thinking through practical aspects of Christian ministry such as evangelism, discipleship, youth work, personal holiness and much more. There's no better way to start the year than being grounded in God's word, equipped to serve him and his people, and inspired by a community of Christian brothers and sisters from around the country.

We'd love to have you join us.

At Equip Conference, our aim is to train people to understand and teach the word of God.

We get together with Christians from all over NZ, to sing God’s praises and listen to God’s Word. With support and feedback from pastors and Bible teachers from around the country, we gather in small groups and give you tools to help you understand any part of the Bible, and to teach it to others. We call them strand groups, and each year at Equip you will complete a different strand.

Over the course of the week you will learn to write Bible studies, Kids lessons, or talks. 

Equip Conference is designed to be completed over a number of years, with delegates completing one strand each year. These small groups are where you will learn how to handle God's word correctly and teach it to others.


“If I had the choice of only one conference to send young and old to, it would be Equip. Equip does exactly what it says it does - it equips people. It teaches people how to study the Bible correctly with a view to applying it to their lives and also to teach others also. It is brilliant. This is why churches I have pastored have subsidised folk to go. As a result of Equip, leadership in the church is developed and God’s Kingdom grows. Come along and try it out, you will not be disappointed. ” 

Richard, pastor in Auckland


Strand Groups at Equip

Each year at Equip Conference, delegates complete a different ‘strand’ where you will learn different tools to help you understand and teach the Bible, beginning at Strand 1 and going through to Strand 4. Each day of the conferene, delegates spend some time in small ‘Strand groups’ (of 6-10 delegates) to work with your leaders to learn a model of understanding the Bible and to work together to prepare Bible studies, kids lessons or talks. At the end of the week you will leave with a Bible study, a talk or a kids lesson prepared, which you could go away and teach at your local church!

Strand 1

In your first year at Equip, you will be given tools to help you understand a New Testament passage.

Strand 2

In your second year at Equip,  you will be given tools to help you understand an Old Testament passage.

Strand 4

In your fourth year at Equip, you will be given tools to help you understand what the bible teaches regarding ethical issues - how to live in God’s world (Ethics).


Strand 3

In your third year at Equip, you will be given tools to help you understand what the bible teaches regarding and particular subject concerning God (Systematic Theology).

Youth Strand

Our youth strand (for those in school years 9-13) has great fun as well learning some basic methods of Bible study and joining the main sessions with the keynote speakers.

SERVICE Strand - Volunteers

We encourage delegates who have completed each of the strands, to return to Equip Conference as a volunteer. Our volunteers work in the background to make sure the conference runs smoothly. If you would like to volunteer to help in this way, please register as a service strand delegate.


In the afternoons at Equip you will attend different seminars which look at practical aspects of Christian ministry. Over the course of the week you will have the opportunity to attend seminars on things like evangelism, youth ministry, leading a small group, discipleship, personal holiness and more.

Our vision is to see people all over Aotearoa NZ, proclaiming the powerful Word of God